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Tara Gray

BES Music

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Contact Info:

About Me

Educational History:

Graduated Highschool in 1995 in Garnett

Graduated from Pittsburg State University in 2000

Graduated from Emporia State University in 2007

Degrees and Certifications:

Master’s of Music Education from Emporia State University

Bachelors of Music Education from Pittsburg State University

World Music Drumming Certificaiton 1 & 2

Bronze Level Ballroom Dancing

Current Position:

I teach Elementary Music.  I started at this position in 2019.  

Previous Position:

I taught Elementary Education in Iola, Ks from 2001-2009

I taught Highschool Choral Music in Ottawa, Ks form 2009-2011

I worked 1-2 days a week teaching elementary-post highschool from 2011-2019 to have more time to stay at home with my sweet babies.

Family Information:

I am married to my best friend, James.  We have two silly boys.  Judah is 7 and Elijah is 3.  Elijah will be attending preschool at BES.  We have 3 dogs.  Xophie, our Anatolian Shepherd, and Emmy and Cowan, our Mini Schnauzers. Tiger, our old, old kitty, 4 chickens. Judah has 2 water turtles, Timmy and Gamera, and many other reptiles and amphibians he sneaks in.

Personal Information:

I love writing music and playing the piano and guitar.  Other than music, I love to travel and hope to visit all 7 continents eventually (yes, even Antartica!)  I love hiking, biking, and swimming in the ocean.  Kauai is one of my favorite places because it is truly a paradise and has all my favorite hobbies!  I love cooking international food, and playing card games.  

Tara Gray

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