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Welcome to

Mrs. Griffith’s Kindergarten classroom :)




Kindergarten is a time of new beginnings, making friends, and of learning many new things each and every day. Our days will be filled with many wonderful experiences and opportunities for learning and growing. Our Kindergarten program is aimed at developing the whole child to his/she full potential so that all children can become active participants in a journey of life-long learning.

We understand that the starting of school is an emotional time for both parents and child. We know that the first day of school is an important milestone, so feel free to accompany your child into his/her Kindergarten classroom.

Our day begins at 8:10. Quick good byes, leave dry eyes! After getting settled in our classrooms we take time to get to know each other and our surroundings in our new school. We read stories, share, play, work, and have lots of fun. Our first day of school will hopefully be a wonderful memory for all.                  

I am so excited to be sharing this school year with you and your student! Kindergarten is the absolute most wonderful age to teach and I love each day with them! We have so many fun and exciting activities planned this year and I simply cannot wait to begin our year together.

First and foremost, please do not ever hesitate to call me or email me if you have any type of concerns or questions. I am always willing to listen to you. Communication is a very important key in a successful year between your child, the parent, and myself. With this in place, we will be able to have a very productive and valuable year!

I am thrilled to get the chance to know your child and especially in their first year of school. It is such a wonderful and inspiring age to be at and I just have to say that I love my job as a Kindergarten teacher. As I am getting to know your child, you may want to know a few things about the person that is going to be with your child during the day.

Below you will find just a few key concepts that I want to make clarification on in my classroom. You may want to keep this handout for future reference throughout the school year. I know when parents are given so much at one time, we tend to forget something......I know, as I am a parent of two children myself!



I will be sending home weekly updates on what we are working on in our classroom. These updates will normally be sent to you through emails so it is extremely important that I maintain an up to date email address throughout the year. If you do not have access to email usage, I can send home a hard copy in your child's binder at the end of the week. Weekly emails will contain things we are working on, alphabet letters for the week, activities we are doing in the classroom and funny stories and positive comments from the children. There will also be details about what to expect in the upcoming week.



Our classroom is a community with the common purpose of learning, growing, and becoming friends. In order for this to happen, good classroom discipline is essential. To provide this kind of environment we all must do our part as teacher, child, and parents. We strive to provide a positive place in which all children can feel safe and happy. Our rules are simple and the consequences for breaking the rules are easy to understand. Kinderkats can be nice to everyone on the inside and outside, they can be a good friend, they can be a good listener, a hard worker. Kinderkats can smile! We ask that you work with us in the best interest of your child if extra intervention is needed. We are “wild” about learning.



Book orders are such a great way to put books in your kids hands and to put new books in our classroom. When we order books each month, we receive money to spend on new books for our class. Book orders will be sent home each month and due on the 15th of that month. Please make the check payable to the book club and NOT myself. You may send cash if you like. Books will be sent home with your child when they arrive at school.



The after school plan for kindergarten is extremely important. Unlike other grades, Kindergarten will send home a new after school plan home each week. This plan will have to be filled out each week and returned back to the teacher by Friday. We take the safety your child very seriously. This is a mandatory requirement of Kindergarten each week. If, per say, the after school plan would have to change, please notify the school secretaries, call my extension and leave a message or send a note from home. WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT A VERBAL CHANGE FROM YOUR CHILD OR SIBLING! AGAIN THIS IS FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD!

You may pick your child up at the end of the day at 3:10 at the Hug and Go. When inclement weather occurs, all Kindergarten classes will dismiss from the cafeteria. Bus children will be placed on their bus by their teacher each day. 21st Century children will be walked each day to the cafeteria for check in.



The 3 ring binder is another very important necessity during our Kindergarten year. This binder will be a big communication factor between you and me. It will be sent home each day in your child's backpack and expected to be returned each day to school. We send notes home every day with your child. We do not wait until the end of each week. Book orders, after school plans, notes to teachers, and other quality information can be sent back and forth in the binder.





When sending lunch money to school with your child, please make sure you put the money/check in a sealed envelope if possible. It is very helpful to me as well as the office to write the following information on the outside of the envelope.

1. Child's Name

2. What the money is designated for

3. Teacher's Name: Griffith



KINDERGARTEN BIRTHDAYS ARE A VERY BIG DEAL TO ME!!!! This is such a special time in your child's life and I try and make it so much fun at school as well!!!! f your child would like to celebrate their birthday they are more than welcome to bring treats to school for the class. We will celebrate birthdays this year at approximately 2:40 in the afternoon. Since birthdays are such a big deal for us in Kindergarten, I also do special "half" birthdays for children whose birthday fall during the summer!!!! So if your child's birthday falls in the one of the summer months, end of May, June, July, or beginning of August, they pick out a special day to celebrate their birthday as well....

I am really looking forward to a wonderfully great learning year with your child! I am honored to be your child's kindergarten teacher this year so I thank you for allowing me to take part in such a special time in your child's life. Thank you in advance for giving the support that you give your child each day and the support you will give me throughout the school year. By us working together as a team, your child will learn and achieve to his/her greatest potential!!!!!