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Educational Websites

Moby Max

Moby Max provides practice in Math, Reading, Language, Writing, Social Studies, and Science. Students will need to enter the following School Code- KS359 in order to log in.  Then they will be able to log in using their usernames and passwords that they use in school.

Vocab Class

This is a site that will allow your student to practice their spelling words for the upcoming tests at home.They should have their usernames and passwords from school.  It is the same.

Study Island

Study Island is an online resource designed to support and monitor mastery of state standards for students in grades K-12in the subjects of reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies. The program offers students online practice, assessment, and games aligned to state-specific standards. Students will use the same username and passwords at home as that they use at school.

Lisa Kuhlmann

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