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Daily Schedule

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7:45     Doors open for breakfast and gymnasium

8:05     First bell releases students to classrooms

8:10     Second bell, lunch count, attendance, and spelling

8:15     Library, Music, P.E. (each class is 20 minutes in length)

9:15     Science with Mrs. Bazil

10:15   Reading w/ Mrs. Kuhlmann

11:15    Recess

11:25   MTSS Reading

11:55    Lunch

12:20   Social Studies & Handwriting

1:00     Computer Lab

1:30     Math w/ Mrs. Ervin

2:30    Language/Grammar (M, W,Th, F)  Counseling w/ Mr. Cottenmyre (T),

            Birthday Parties are scheduled during this time as well. (M, W, Th, F)

3:10    Dismiss