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Diane O’Malley

Hello!  My name is Diane O’Malley.  I have taught Kindergarten/First Grade here at BES for twenty years!  I am married and have four children and nine grandchildren!


I am excited to be your child’s teacher this year.  We are going to have so much fun learning and growing and meeting new friends!  Kindergarten is the most amazing age to teach and I am looking forward to sharing this experience with them…and you!


Contact Information

Thank you in advance for your support and participation in your child’s education.  Communication is important and I want you to feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns about your child.  Texting my cell number is probably the fastest way to contact me after hours.


Mrs. Diane O’Malley (email)

(620)364-8882 ext. 1550 (classroom)

(620)203-9356 (cell/text)


Daily Schedule

In Kindergarten, we will have “specials” five days a week.  Specials classes are Music, Library, and P.E.  Each class is 20 minutes.


We have computer lab 3-4 days a week, beginning this fall.


Our class will have Counseling with Ms. Stewart one day a week for 20 minutes.


Classroom News

I will be sending home weekly newsletters and updates each week to let you know what is going on in our classroom.  Usually, the newsletter is sent out Friday after school.  I send them via e-mail unless you do not have access to email.  Let me know, and I can send a hard copy home with your child if you would like.


After-School Plans

The after-school plan for Kindergarten is extremely important.  Kindergarten teachers will send home a new plan each week which needs to be filled out and returned by Friday.  If you have a change in plans, please notify the office and they will notify me.  You are welcome to send me an email if you choose, but please also let the office know, in case I am absent or do not have a chance to check my email during the day.  We cannot accept a verbal change in plans from your child or their sibling.  This is for the safety of your child.  Thank you!




The 3-ring binder is another very important part of Kindergarten.  This binder is used for you and I to communicate on a daily basis.  It will be sent home each day and needs to be returned to school each day as well.  It will be used to send notes to parents, notes from parents, book orders, lunch money, after-school plans, and many other important papers.  Classroom work will also be sent home in the binder.  Please be sure to empty your child’s binder each evening.


Snack Time

We have snack time every morning in Kindergarten.  If your child is signed up for second breakfast, they will have that instead of our snack.  Sometimes, we will have a small snack in the afternoon if time allows.  I don’t send a sign up for snack volunteers.  However, if you would like to provide snacks sometimes throughout the year, it is much appreciated.  Just let me know if you are interested.


Lunch Money

When sending money for meals, please make sure you put the money/check in a sealed envelope if possible.  It is very helpful to me as well as the office staff if you write the following information on the outside of the envelope: 1) Child’s name 2) What the money is for 3) Teacher’s name.


Birthday Parties

Kindergarten birthdays are a BIG deal!  If you would like to celebrate at school, you are more than welcome to bring birthday treats for the class.  We usually do birthday parties at the end of our day, so just email me and let me know what works for you!


Book Orders

I send home book orders from time to time and I will indicate when I will be ordering.  We have a school book fair twice a year and I won’t send in an order when it is close to that time.


Our Classroom Rules

Our classroom is a family with the common goal to learn, grow, and develop friendships.  We want your child to always feel safe and happy.  Our rules are simple and easy to understand.  Be kind.  Be a good friend.  Be a good listener.  Be a hard worker.


I will do my very best to encourage your child, and give him/her the best Kindergarten experience possible!  I look forward to getting to know all of you!



Diane O’Malley

Diane O\'Malley

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