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Bugz Costume Suggestions

These are suggestions from the Teacher book.  If you have any questions leave me a voicemail or email me at easpegren@usd244ks.orgThe important thing to remember is your student doesn’t necessarily need to look like a bug; instead, they can be dressed as something that reminds the audience what type of bug they are.  For example, a student dressed as a house fly could wear a robe, PJs, slippers, curlers, or wear an apron, etc.

Lady Bugs:  red shirts covered with black dots, black leotards, white gloves.  Temporary dots can be added to shirts if needed.

Army ants:  Dressed in camoflage, or military fatigues, Army helmets, etc.

Fireflies:  Mostly dark clothes, with a small flashlight.

Caterpillars/Butterflies:  Colorful material attached to back and at wrists, wrapped in cheesecloth (except face) until they “change” into butterflies.  

Monarch butterfly: orange wings and maybe a tiara.

Horsefly: Cowboy-like props, a stick pony.

Bug MC:  Jacket and tie.

Stink Bug:  Dirty (looking) clothes, garlic or onion string hanging around neck, Socks and tennis shoes around neck.

Maggot: light-colored clothes, gauze or cheesecloth wrapping.

Grub worm: brown clothes, hand shovel.

Praying Mantis: some sort of “clerical” outfit.  Black slacks and shirt with color, nun’s habit, etc.